August 2010 Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar Photo Tour

Landmannalaugar’s colourful mountains were formed by many millennia of volcanic activity. The natural landscape in this park is breathtaking.

We departed from Reykjavik and headed towards the interior to a geothermal area called Landmannalaugar, the natural gem in the southern highlands of Iceland. We journeyed through the countryside of southern Iceland through Þjórsárdalur valley. We visited Hjálparfoss Waterfall. Then proceeded into the highlands This photo tour to Landmannalaugar was just one day from a 10 day tour around Iceland. Although it wan’t the first tour I ran, this was the first booking from a delightful couple from Germany. The weather was fine but because of the group dynamics were were touring during the day. This made the light on the vast deserts rater un-interesting on the bumpy drive into the park. A few crater lakes dotted the landscapes as we approach the central zone where the colourful mountains hit you all of a sudden.

Landmannalaugar Photo Tour

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The Central Zone

In the central zone, the best opportunities are to follow one of the many hiking trails leading from the campsite. 2 hours was enough time to scale one of the mountains. We climbed the Red Mountain which can be accessed by hiking through the lava flow next to the campsite We then bear left through a geothermal area on the foothills of the Red Mountain. As you get higher you find yourself above the geothermal activity looking down on a lava flow. In the next picture you can see the outline of 2 hikers on the path below me.

Landmannalaugar Photo Tour

From the top of the Red Mountain, the views are stunning. Composition is tricky because the mountain is almost dome shaped and so there is no edge or precipice to look over. The weather was mostly cloudy which really helped us in the daylight. The scattered light illuminates the feet of Landmannalaugar’s mountains.

Landmannalaugar Photo Tour

I descended the back side of the Red Mountain, it looked like rain would come but it never did.

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