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Kirkjufell Drama

Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall is my favourite location on the Snæfellsness peninsular and Kirkjufells has become the most photographed mountain in Iceland. It’s host – Grundarfjörður is a tidy, friendly town with a mixture of good & bad facilities in terms of accommodation and food, but for me the draw is the steeple shaped mountain (Kirkjufell) that sits just west of the harbour.

It is a prime location on the Snæfellsness Tour!

Kirkjufell is a 463 meter high mountain that has claimed the lives of a few mountaineers. From the right angle the mountain resembles a church steeple… or a Witches Hat. The best angle is close to Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. This is why the combination has been so successful.

Kirkjufellsfoss Summer

Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall Iceland is a waterfall that channels the rain and melt water of the Snæfellnes mountains. It is not a very large waterfall as it only stands about 5 meters high, but it has a couple of levels and the water is channelled into three separate spouts which offer plenty of challenges and opportunities for the photographer.

Personally, I like to capture the falls with the mountain in the background. This is one of the angles that shows the steeple shape of Kirkjufell. A wide angle is required of at least 24mm to capture the many angles offered by the falls.

Experience Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall Iceland yourself with a 2 day tour of Snæfellsnes.
Or day tour of Snæfellsnes.

Proud Kirkjufell

Grundarfjorður Info

This is a small fishing village close to Kirkjufell. The closest cafe to Kirkjufell is the 59 Bistro Bar. I used this for many years and would normally recommend it. This is a sports bar so will catch any live game from the English premier league and this can give the place a lively jatmosphere when Liverpool or Man United are playing. But the last dish they served me was inedible. Maybe they changed owners of were having an off day, but my guests weren’t impressed either.

Hotels are limited, the main hotel is ok and apart from losing your reservation, the staff are quite friendly. There are cheaper rooms at the converted post house. One of the rooms I stayed in smelled of urine. Not the owners fault maybe, but it gives you an idea of the standards on offer. At least we know where to stay.

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