Maha Al-balushi
Maha Al-balushi is an Omani photographer, was raised in England and moved back to Oman when she was 14 years old. Her love for capturing moments in her life started from a very young age and only started taking it seriously in 2008 and by 2009 she got her first DSLR and the journey began. The passion grew even bigger from then on as she started exploring she photographed everything from people to landscape photography. Maha comes from a family of globetrotters her family lived and travelled across the globe. Therefore, her passion for exploring different scenes is what derives her into journeys to oceans end. Even though she has always been a city girl she was constantly surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and has always been mesmerized by the wonders of nature, which led her venture into landscape photography.

“Photography to me is an escape into a world where passion and creativity meet, in a world where joy fills my heart” – Maha H Al-balushi

Maha’s Images

Iceland aurora
Rainbow Landscape

Photo tour
Mossy Foreground

Vesturhorn Vertical

Iceland photo workshop
Vesturhorn Lenticular


South coast tour