The lagoon at Jökulsarlon is the deepest lake in Iceland, some parts go as deep as 200m, quite impressive considering the lake was formed in 1923. Jökulsarlon means “the lake of strange mushrooms”.

This shot was taken on a very misty Summer night. What I love about fog or mist is that sometimes you see more – when you are not distracted by the background. Considering there was very little colour, I decided to process this one in mono. This allowed me to push the much needed contrast without the image looking too odd. In lightroom LR3, I used the clarity slider to bring out some of the details on the ice. The Magic Cloth was used to capture more sky detail and better exposure of the reflection. The long exposure allowed the mist to drape over the ice slightly.

Canon 5D2
24mm f/1.4
6 sec
6 stop ND
Magic Cloth

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