Sightseeing tours & activities

In Iceland you can enjoy an incredible adventure in almost every part of the country, but you don’t have to go far to discover amazing nature and beautiful scenery. There are so many sights to see in Iceland… and so many things to do. These guided tours will make sure your sights are seen in a safe, fun and enlightening way. We also sell extreme activities with experienced guides. The tours and activities sold here are designed to enhance your stay in Iceland above and beyond your expectations.

Here we list a collection of sightseeing tours and nature activities from our partners. These are high quality tours by licensed Icelandic Tour operators. Each is well established in its field and employs quality staff for a professional sightseeing experience.


Iceland is simply breathtaking from a plane or helicopter. These activities will take you to infinity and beyond.

Classic Day tours from Reykjavik

These are well established routes. Each is designed to give you the best of Iceland in a day tour.

Reykjavik City

Here is a featured collection of Reykjavik based tours, activities and exhibitions, indoors and out.


Whales, puffins & sea tours

Tours out to sea can give you access to some of Iceland’s most pleasant inhabitants.

Horse riding

Icelandic horses are the friendliest in the world. Getting on one is an amazing way to start your Iceland adventure.

Extreme Iceland activities

Look no further for your adrenaline based activities. Many of the Glacier activities are extreme, but here is a collection of the rest.Click the link for the full selection

Volcano Glacier Iceland

Snaefellsnes tour