Northern Lights at Jokulsarlon

Night of Ghosts

Northern Light Prints

Aurora reflections

When you do this all the time it is common to experience a few reality checks. You get used to being at Jökulsarlon and you get used to seeing Northern Lights. Let’s face it, when you have been to Jökulsárlón as many times as me, you will have seen a few beautiful sights, but this night was exceptional. The evening was just a regular part of our 5 day Winter workshop. We had clear skies and the aurora forecast was not inspiring, but we went out anyway and set up on the West bank of the lagoon. We couldn’t see anything, but as we set up our cameras and started taking photos, we could see a feint green line close to the horizon. This is a clear sign that it is worth hanging around for a while.

Lake Mist

A thin veil of strange mist rolled in over Jökulsárlón as the Northern lights grew stronger. The night was very still so the increasing light from the aurora was reflecting in the Glacier lagoon. Then the lights started to really glow over the mountains and the reflections were superb. We had our cameras set up so it was as easy as pressing the shutter – continuously for some. Half way through the shoot I had to stop taking photos so that I could take in the incredible beauty unfolding before us.

Overnight Tours

We run regular Northern lights photo tours from Reykjavik, but if you want to photograph them with us at Jökulsárlón, this is only possible on a Winter photo workshop or Multi-day photo tour.