Ice slice – Jökulsarlon

Ice slice – Jökulsarlon

Jökulsarlon trips

This beautiful scene is on the Jökulsarlon Ice beach in South East Iceland. We had thick cloud all night and which gave us no hope of Northern lights. We were wondering if we would have any sort of Sunlight at all on this 2 day Jökulsarlon tour. The photo tour took us along the South Coast on the first day and we were taking our chances with an Ice beach sunrise before the drive back.

Small Group Ice Caving

Ice beach photography

Normally I like to get close to the glacier ice so that I can present their shape and textures, but the ice beach this morning was almost empty of ice. I spotted this thin piece of ice at the water’s edge. I was nowhere near it as I would have liked, so I set up my tripod in the hope it would be washed closer. As I was waiting, the clouds opened up near the horizon revealing a slice of golden sky. Happily, this matched the slice of ice. What a nice start to the day.

Overnight Adventure

Ice beach photography is always easy on our multi-day Jökulsarlon trips because we stay just a few minutes drive from the beach. Winter sunrise and sunset happens out to sea and work perfectly with the glacier ice. Three of four day trips are recommended because you will see the ice beach in different conditions. Because of the tides and strong current from the lagoon the ice on the beach can change really quickly.

The following photo tours include Jökulsarlon.

Vesturhorn at Stokksnes – East Iceland

Vesturhorn at Stokksnes – East Iceland

This incredibly beautiful mountain and beach combination reflecting in the wet sand at Vestrahorn is a must-see for any photographer visiting Stokksnes in East Iceland.

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