North of the wall

Gullfoss Canyon

Up the canyon

This is the extra ordinary view towards the Gullfoss waterfall from the middle of the canon. The colour of the water is stunning and cold. The snow clad rocks on the canon walls give tremendous detail and depth to the picture. I really was in a very privileged position regarding the raw Icelandic nature.

Safety concerns

This would be very difficult, if not impossible to achieve now because I reached this point by balancing on a tight-rope that was stretched across the canyon back in 2010. Balancing on a tight-rope is easy, but taking photos at the same time is challenging. I had to mount my camera on a video steady-cam because my hand was shaking so much in the hurricane force winds that were blowing through the canyon.

After concerns for tourist safety were raised, access to the tight-rope has been restricted to Icelanders only. Visitors from other countries must use the path to access the waterfall viewing platforms.

White river

Despite it’s blue appearance, this river becomes Hvítá, which means “White River”. Hvítá runs the route of the Golden Circle and ends up in the North Atlantic near Selfoss in South Iceland.

Gullfoss Tours

These tours include Gullfoss waterfall.

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