Northern Lights Ice Beach

Long photo trip

This was a multi-day Jokulsarlon tour in February 2014. We had a great session in the ice caves in the morning and after a great day with the landscapes near Vestrahorn, we were treated to a fabulous display of Northern Lights in the evening. These were quite special because they were active in the Southern sky whereas 95% of aurora displays are in the Northern sky. We took full advantage of the unique position and set up our camera gear on the Ice Beach.

Small Group Ice Caving

Long exposure

This was a 30 second long exposure, although the sky would have only been half of this exposure because it would have been covered by the Magic Cloth Technique. The long exposure works photographically with the other elements in the frame. The sea is smoothed out by over 20 seconds of exposure time. The only long exposure issue is being hit by a rogue wave during the exposure time.

Iceberg beach

Our photo workshops spend plenty of time near the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and ice beach. During the Winter evenings you could get lucky with an Aurora display, or you might get even luckier with Northern lights in the Southern sky.

The following photography workshops have Night photography opportunities at Jokulsarlon…

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