Adrian Steller

“I was fortunate enough to go on an Iceland Aurora trip in February 2015 with a great group and two excellent guides.

We encountered a few other (massive) groups while we were there and I’m very glad I wasn’t rammed into one of those! Two vehicles, two guides and five other photographers was a good size group.

While we hit a number of popular spots we also managed a few locations all to ourselves. Overall, a good balance of locations without feeling rushed. The days were loosely structured to make the most of the light. Some locations we did a couple of times under different conditions for different shots.

Evenings were a relaxed affair. Dinner then lounge with or without laptop or retire to room as you liked. A good chance to review shots.

Tony would give as little or as much individual help as you wanted and was keen to ensure everyone was getting good shots. Composition and local-knowledge based shot suggestions as well as some impromptu Lightroom tips helped improve my “keeper ratio”.

Overall a great trip and one I hope to repeat in better weather. And yes, we did manage an Aurora.

Thoroughly recommended.”

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