Cheryl Herrera

Cheryl Herrera ice beach photography

Photographer from California.

My camera gear:Sony A7 bodySony Vario-Tessar T* 16-35mm f/4

My favorite kind of photography is landscape, so my favorite lens is the wide-angle lens 16-35mm.

Instagram: @cherylherreraphotography

Cheryl Herrera ice beach photography

Cheryl joined our Winter Workshop. Five days of photography including the glacier lagoons and Jökulsarlon, the ice beach, Veturhorn and the South Coast.

The weather was mostly rain, but we managed to get out and get some good shots every day.

Her first photograph on this page is from the Ice beach at Jökulsarlon. The famous black sand beach with the ice diamonds. Cheryl’s timing is fantastic. She has a really good shutter speed to slow the water a little. This shows the motion of some of the waves as they hit the glacier ice. But it is not too long that it creates a white blur. The composition is nice because Cheryl has carefully observed the sky and included enough variety of textures for good balance.

The second photo is from Vesturhorn. We were lucky to even see the mountain with all the rain going on that week. Cheryl has a simple, but effective composition to show the textures in the foreground with a clear view to the famous Vestrahorn mountain.

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