David Keljo

David Keljo March 2013

“I participated in the March 2013 winter workshop with Tony and Kiddi. I’m an amateur travel photographer who has done 4 workshops, each with different people in widely different places, over the past 12 years. This was by far the most enjoyable for a variety of reasons. Tony limited the workshop to 6 people, 3 in each jeep , which maximized comfort and flexibility. Tony is an excellent, highly knowledgeable photographer with excellent organizational skills. Kiddi, an accomplished photographer in his own right, brought an added depth of knowledge as a native Icelander. Between them they knew and understood all the sights we visited (most on the south coast between Vik and Hofn). They took pains to show us beautiful places and to help us explore them safely. If the weather changed they adapted the itinerary effectively. I didn’t know any of my travel companions before I got there and Tony and Kiddi worked to maintain excellent group chemistry. We had excellent weather for this particular workshop, so we didn’t spend a lot of time in post processing. Tony adapted his assistance to the level of the photographer. His technical tips were excellent. His critiques were always straightforward and always contained helpful insights. Tony’s observation that the excitement in sharing photographs lies in experiencing different visions set the tone for the workshop. For me it was time and money well spent.”

Thanks again for a great workshop,


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