Kip Cothran Review

We a group of 5 photographers from America (California) had a fantastically awesome totally terrific Supersonic and Bionic 10 days in Iceland! Our guide Owen picked us up at the Airport and we were off! Leaving 92°in California to arrive @ 34° and snow was the beginning. We had all of the elements, snow, rain, hail, clouds & SUN…Auroras,Solar Eclipse (98%) our trip was incredibly Perfect! Owen was relentless in finding us everything we wanted to see & photograph. He went way beyond expectations by waking us up @ 4am yelling Auroras Auroras! The trip was brilliant and we were blessed to get teamed up with Owen. We were looking for a photographer, not just someone to taxi us around and Owen set us up in the best places throughout the day to capture amazing images…thank you very much!

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