Kirsten Morton

 I only am just getting back into the “everyday swing of life” after some magical travels – with Iceland being the highlight. We had an absolutely WONDERFUL tour and time in Iceland – we just loved it all and Olgeir was truly fantastic. Just perfect for us. We visited everywhere we had hoped for, were blessed with weather and tourist numbers and we were taken there in style and had a good balance of understanding the country from Olgeir. It would be my absolute pleasure to write a review for both of you, but I just want to ensure it is just perfect (probably best to only promise to do so by 27 Jan as need a bit more time). I’ve now gone through all my photos and will send through best 3 in due course but to give you a bit of an idea of the type of photos that will come through, the below are extracts from my family’s December travel report. The ice cave was amazing!


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