Mike Berenson

As a night photography instructor in Colorado, I was looking to get some help finding my way to great photography locations on the southern coast of Iceland. I came in contact with Tony Prower who clearly had an eye for good lighting and timing from a photographer’s perspective and offered workshops focusing on a couple of my favorite things – night, ice, and waterfalls.

I signed up for his winter workshop and reveled in the incredible locations Tony took us to. I was also thrilled with the chance to learn something significant about photography through Tony’s Magic Cloth technique. On many occasions, it became my technique of choice! From start to finish, I had a fantastic time! And while we didn’t have the good fortune to see Aurora skies during the workshop, I learned all I needed to know so I could take advantage of a solar storm and Aurora skies on the southern coast shortly after the workshop, right before I had to fly home.

Thank you Tony for a terrific workshop!

Mike Berenson – coloradocaptures.com

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