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Bite-sized photo workshops

Hosted by Gabrielle Motola
These workshops can easily be slotted in the beginning or end of your day. Included in the cost of the session is either breakfast or a cocktail. Sessions are held in the mornings and evenings, Friday through to Monday. These two hour sessions are social and informal. They are great for meeting like minded enthusiasts and allow you to learn from me as well as each other.

The workshops are held in Downtown Reykjavik cafes and bars which provide a relaxed setting for an informal chat. Everyone is welcome. Bring any kind of camera and your curiosity, camera phones are welcome.

Maybe you are a enthusiastic amateur, a pro-photographer or someone who takes pictures on your phone. No matter what your current level of knowledge, anyone can benefit. The emphasis is on empowering the photographer within you to overcome obstacles and to grow as a motivated self learner.

WHAT WE COVER: We will include topics such as: shooting tips, useful apps and technological advances in photography, as well as studying at photographic art. Maybe you have specific questions about your camera or one you would like to buy. You might be camera competent but want to have a meaningful chat about your composition techniques or ideas. Maybe you’re looking for great Iceland photo locations? Some of what we cover will also depend on the questions asked by you and others.

Tools and resources:

  • Apps for editing pictures on my phone or computer
  • Does color correction matter?
  • Sending printed postcards via phone?
  • Photographing in Iceland:

  • Where should I go?
  • How do I protect my self and my camera?
  • Does the color temperature of light in Iceland change?
  • Questions about your camera:

  • What are the exposure modes and why would I use them?
  • How do I choose the best ISO settings?
  • When shouldn’t I use automatic White Balance or exposure.
  • Perfect your technique:

  • How to take better portraits?
  • Settings for shooting in low light or no light?
  • Getting sharper pictures?
  • .

    WHAT YOU GET: At the end of the workshops you should be able to photograph subjects of any kind with confidence and a better knowledge of your camera and its features. Breakfast is included in the morning sessions. This includes any main dish or pastry and up to 2 beverages from the regular menu. The first round of drinks is included in the evening sessions. This includes any drink from the regular menu.

    Gabrielle Motola

    Photo by Lawrence Impey
    Death Valley California

    Gabrielle Motola is a writer and photographer who has been living in Iceland for the past several years. She was born in the USA but was naturalised as a UK citizen after relocating there in 2000.

    As well as film and photography, Gabrielle trained in psychology and is interested in how we interpret photographs and how photography influences our understanding of reality. The combination of photography and writing naturally lends Gabrielle to social commentary. Her book “An Equal Difference” looks at Iceland’s attitude and response to the banking crisis via photographs and interviews with people in a variety of roles in Icelandic society. She writes for several publications including the Reykjavik Grapevine – an English language newspaper in Reykjavik.

    Gabrielle lectures in film and photography and speaks about her own work to international audiences.

    The Breakfast Photography Club

    Mornings 8am – 10am (max size 8 persons)

    Breakfast photo workshop


    The morning workshop will pump your spirit, give your photography a jump start, and ready the photographer within you for your stay in Iceland and forever. Good breakfast included.


    The morning meetings: Breakfast club meets are mostly at the Sandholt Bakery – Laugavegur 36 in downtown Reykjavik. This interesting location could give you opportunities to start shooting directly after the breakfast meet. The produce at this bakery are incredible and include bread, pastries, sandwiches, cakes and chocolates. So good you might want to smuggle some out in a doggy bag.

    Price $95 USD

    The Cocktail Photography Club

    Evenings 20:00 – 22:00(max size 8 persons)

    Cocktail photography workshop


    The evening workshop will fire your imagination, raise you from the ashes, ignite your photography skills, and equip you with hot camera skills to take better pictures on your stay in Iceland and forever after. The first round of drinks is included.


    The Cocktail club meetings are usually held at the bar Oddsson Ho(s)tel bar at Hringbraut 121 in the West Side of Reykjavik City. This location is close to the sea and not far from the lighthouse. It is a photo opportunity in itself. This location provides opportunities to walk and shoot after the cocktail sessions. It is possible to book a meal before or after the session at Bazaar. Bazaar is an Italian gourmet restaurant on the premises.

    Price $95 USD

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