Scarlet Aurora

Scarlet Aurora

Northern lights photo workshop

Scarlet Aurora

March Night

This colourful display was taken on a Winter photo workshop. This was a custom workshop with great locations in the South and West of Iceland. This night was St Patrick’s night and because most of the guests were Irish, we had a green celebration after photographing this night.

Fjallsarlon Lagoon

This was taken at one of the many Glacier lagoons in the area. Fjallsarlon means the “Mountain River Lagoon”. Fortunately, we were the only group at this spot and for the entire evening we had the Auroras to ourselves. The Auroras were so bright that they didn’t require very long exposures at all. We made sure everyone had some good exposures, sharp stars and some Magic Cloth Technique. The Magic Cloth is the best filter for night photography or any other kind of long exposure.

Top Locations

Auroras can be photographed just as well on our long tours. Just like the photo workshops, the photo tours make overnight stops in incredible locations that make your night photos look even more stunning. Any long trip could include auroras as long as it is between Late August and Early April when the sky gets dark enough to allow viewing. The Tours from Reykjavik can still include a choice of good locations to get reflections or interesting Icelandic coastlines.

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