Big Thaw

This Aurora photo was taken on one of the evenings on a 3 day Jokulsarlon photo trip when the skies cleared revealing thousands of stars. The mountain is called Fell and is only a 10 minute drive from our Icelandic hotel. Unfortunately the recent snow had mostly melted resulting in a dark brown landscape instead of the light white of a snow draped landscape. Luckily the still river allowed some reflected northern lights in the lower part of the frame and made the scene more dynamic.

Open Shutter

These amazing light shows generally require a long exposure so a tripod is your biggest photography accessory. A few years ago, Northern light photos would be around 30 second exposure which is capturing the most light before the stars appear to trail. Modern DSLRs have very much better iso ratings, so photographers are happy to shoot at 1600 – 3200 iso. This means exposures of just a few seconds. Sometimes the aurora is so bright that you can capture them with any camera including your phone.

Aurora workshops

All of our listed Winter workshops have opportunities for Aurora shooting as well as all the glacier ice and landscapes. The workshop hotels are always in a good location for photographing the Northern lights with a stunning Iceland landscape. Our small group photo workshops allow everyone to have quality time with a photo instructor to ensure you get the best from your camera.

South coast tour