Bragi comes from a long line of photographers. His grandmother was for example the first person to open a photo studio in Hafnarfjörður at times when cameras were as rare as cars.Worked as a sales manager for pro audio for many years selling microphones to broadcasters and other video enthusiastsHe has always been interested in photography and started in landscape photography in 2008 and has since then been taking photos non stop and working as a freelance photographer along with previous job until 2015 when he got all the required licenses for himself and his jeep to become a full time photo guide.There are few other things that Bragi enjoys more than to be able to combine his passion for photography and guiding other photographers and non photographers to capture the beauty of Iceland, especially the northern lights.His passion for art reflects also in combining the beautiful landscape of Iceland with the figure of grace which is the naked female form and has had such pictures published in on line magazines such as vogue.

Bragi as done both landscape and fine art nude workshops. This year he will be working with know fine art photographers on workshops in Iceland.

Bragi Kort - Icelandic Photographer

Uses Canon 5DM III & M IV, Lee filters, knows about Nikon and more cameras.