Summer colour peaks

Summer colour peaks

Summer Night trip

Time for some colour on an Icelandic Summer night!

I had promised myself some 135mm Magic Cloth for a while. Long exposure telephoto is fun!! Things move across the frame quickly so you don’t need a super long exposure for a long exposure effect. To achieve a 30 second exposure I used a 6 stop Neutral Density filter. I lost my step up ring, so I had to hold the filter with one hand at the front of my lens.

Taken on a Summer photo tour in Iceland. This was the second evening on a 4 day North Iceland camping trip in June 2015. The mountain peaks are called Hraundrangi and you can see them in the Öxnadalur valley. The Öxnadalur valley is a beautiful valley to drive through with a few stopping places where you can observe some Icelandic waterfalls. For this shot we were in Marshland. The next stop was Akureyri and then onto Goðafoss waterfall.

Long Summer tours are a great way to explore the North and Highlands of Iceland. You can enjoy our tours with Hotels or Camping in tents. Camping saves you loads and keeps your locations flexible with the possibility of avoiding bad/ boring weather.

Photo tours which include the Öxnadalur valley.

Rock vs Moon

Behind the mountains

This picture was taken around 3.30 on a Summer morning. This was a private tour through the Southern Highlands of Iceland. The area for our adventure is known as the Fjallabak Nature Reserve and is a huge wilderness between the Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull glaciers and the Landmannalaugar hiking zone. In fact the whole area is a hiking zone and includes the world famous Laugarvegur trail which is a demanding trek through volcanic and glacier landscapes for 53km.

South Iceland photo adventures

South Iceland photo adventures Black sand beaches The Southern part of Iceland can be the basis for a great photo adventure. The South coast is rich with towering sea cliffs, volcanic stacks and black sand beaches. The Reynisdrangur sea stacks can be seen...

Make a wish

One of the keys to success when you are photographing the Northern Lights is the surrounding landscape or ‘Earthly’ features such as lighthouses or abandoned farm buildings. There is a little bit of luck involved, because the Northern lights have to be active in the right part of the sky.

Iceland Photo Map

Iceland Photo Map The map above is interactive. You can zoom in & see exactly where these photo locations are placed. The markers also contain information about each location. You can also find a list of Photo tours that visit these locations. The...

East Iceland – photographer’s haven

Heaven vs Haven What is the difference between a photographer's heaven and photographers haven?  Well, heavens become very popular quickly especially with lightning fast internet everywhere and the new ways that people are able to say "Check...

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