Terms and conditions
The agreement between you (The customer) and Iceland Aurora slf.

Iceland Aurora slf.

  • will honor the reserved date.
  • will honor the advertised price at the time of booking.
  • will discuss the details of the tour and endeavor to notify The customer of any changes.
The customer

  • will honor the reserved date.
  • will pay the cost of the tour in the agreed time.
  • will discuss the details of the tour and endeavor to notify Iceland Aurora photo tours of any changes.

Guide choice: Your booking with a particular guide does not guarantee your tour with that particular guide although it does act as a strong indication of your preference and everything will be done to honor your preference.

Cancellation Policy

Day Tours

In the event of Iceland Aurora photo tours cancelling the tour, the amount paid by The customer will be refunded. Steps may be taken to find a replacement tour, but this cannot be guaranteed or expected.

In the event of The customer cancelling the tour. The deposit (10%) will be retained if cancellation notice is less than 8 days and the full amount if less than 48 hours.

Reasons for mutual cancellation.
Iceland Aurora photo tours may discuss a mutual cancellation with The customer regarding any of the following situations. Acts of God; flood and volcano threats, storm warnings issued by the Icelandic Met office. Tours may also be mutually cancelled if road conditions are extremely slippery.

Multi-day tours

Multiple day packages are arranged through Aurora Hunters ehf (a licensed Iceland Travel agency).

Package tours should be paid in full 6 weeks before the trip.

Multi-day tours can be changed without notice in the event of dangerous conditions such as flood or volcano or dangerous driving conditions. In the event of Iceland Aurora photo tours cancelling the tour for reasons outside our control, some of the deposit may be retained to cover cancelled accommodation and services. Return transport expenses will divided equally between the customer and Iceland Aurora if the tour is cancelled away at a location. Hotel fees and other expenses arising from a mutual cancellation shall be paid by the customer

In the event of The customer cancelling the tour, the cancellation costs are shown below:


  • 100.0% is charged if cancelled 20 day(s) or less before the start date
  • 75.0% is charged if cancelled 40 day(s) or less before the start date
  • 25.0% is charged if cancelled 60 day(s) or less before the start date



Iceland weather

Iceland weather

Iceland road conditions

Iceland road conditions

Private and shared Jeep tours

Jeep Tours include: Comfortable 4X4 transport – including pick-up and drop off from a location of your choice in the Reykjavik area. Our vehicles are modified SUVs with very clean and comfortable interior. They are non-smoking vehicles, please ask to stop . Photographic assistance, tuition and advice may be offered but this needs to be clearly agreed with your photo guide. Tripod if requested. Some wet weather (waterfall) protection – if requested.

Accommodation may be arranged by us or the customer for the duration of a ‘long tour’, the customer is normally responsible for Reykjavik accommodation and transport to & from Keflavik airport. We can arrange this on request.

Tour prices don’t include: food and entrance fees or costs of extra activities. Tour packages are tailored according to your accommodation needs.

Northern Lights tours

While we cannot guarantee availability and conditions, we also give you no obligation if you are offered a tour and deposit refund if you don’t get a tour. If you are offered a tour, accept and then cancel, then our Northern Lights cancellation costs apply. If we cancel after offering you a tour, then full refund will be given.

All Tours

Individual travel insurance is not included in the price, it is essential to have individual travel insurance.

Be sure to have email contact with us before your tour, or give us hotel room numbers so we can leave you a message.
Your guide’s mobile phone number is included in your reservation confirmation email.

If you have any complain which might lead to a refund or reduction, it is necessary to contact us a.s.a.p, complaints can be in writing via email within 11 days of the tour.