Whale watching in Iceland

Whale Watching

Whales frequent the coast around Iceland.

The great creatures of the ocean can be seen regularly in the outer edges of Reykjavik harbour. Mink whales can been seen on most whale watching tours. Porpoises are just as easily seen. If you are lucky you could catch a breaching hump back as they frolic outside the harbour waters.

Photographers will do well with a fast camera. A long lens is popular, but a wide angle lens could also work if you are lucky enough to get close to these massive creatures.

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Here are the best whale watching tours run by North Iceland companies. Whales are plentiful in the North of Iceland. These tours take you out into the Arctic Ocean. This selection of tours include opportunities for whale watching as well as other sea related sightseeing.



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Jokulsarlon | Golden Circle | Snaefellsnes | South Coast | North Iceland | Northern Lights | Snowmobiling | Horse Riding | Puffins | Whale Watching | Photo ToursJokulsarlon Tours Includes South Coast, Jokulsarlon Glacier lagoon and Diamond Beach.   Golden Circle Tours...

Icelandic Horses – Riding Tours

Icelandic Horses – Riding Tours

Horse riding adventures   Icelandic Horses There is only one type of horse in Iceland - the Icelandic Horse. They are very special because they are direct decedents from the viking horses that came over with the settlers 1000 years ago. Their breed has been kept...

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