Glacier Ice Calendars

This post features a collection of Glacier Ice Calendars featuring Glacier landscapes in Iceland. 2022

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Landscape Calendars

This post features a collection of Calendars featuring Icelandic Landscapes. 2022

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Phone Cases

Protective Covers These phone cases make useful gifts.  My photography is available on many different phone case styles.   Tough Cases These are designed to protect many different versions of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung phones. Tough Cases use impact proof polycarbonate shell and inner liner for extra protection. Keep your phone secure & fashionable.  …

Photo Mugs

Mugs & Drinkware These mugs made great unique gifts!   Any Nature lover will appreciate a natural scene from Iceland with their hot drink.  The Magic Mugs reveal the photo when a hot beverage is added.  The Latte mugs are tall and elegant and the travel mugs are insulated so make great gifts fr travel companions.…

Digital Downloads

Here is a chance to download my images for your own personal printing.  This is the least expensive way to own my art and if you have a printer at home, you can hang these photos on your walls today!  All files are high-res Jpeg files and can be printed large without loss of detail. 

Aurora Print Gallery

Iceland Aurora During the Cold Icelandic Winter nights, I was usually out with my camera, braving the cold and escaping the light pollution of Reykjavik.  The Northern lights became a smal obession for me as I perfected my night photography skills.  This collection was built up over 13 years and many visits to Jokulsarlon and…