Northern lights photo posters

Many of these night photos were taken near the Vatnjokull ice cap in South East Iceland, because once you witness and photograph the amazing auroras over a glacier lagoon, nothing else comes as close to a photographer’s dream.  Capturing the northern lights at Jokulsarlon was one of my main quests when I started taking pictures and I ended up forging a life for myself where this became a regular occurrence for me and my photo workshop guests.  The camera captures more than the eye because we use long exposures which can capture the colours much better than our real-time night vision.  To the naked eye the Aurora appears like a feint green cloud which can be difficult to see sometimes.  As they become stronger it is possible to see the green colour and sometimes the reds and pinks, but never as strong as in these northern light photos.

For just a few dollars dollars these beautiful northern lights photos from Iceland will be shipped to your home.

These Iceland glacier posters are printed and shipped in the USA. These photographs have a print mark, so that other people can find and purchase them if they want to own a northern lights poster. The prices are very low because of this mark.  If you want to own my photos as quality prints without print marks, please order from the Night gallery. The posters are 11 x 17 inches (or 28 x 43cm).  These photo posters are the perfect addition to any wall. Order a photo poster online today.

Paper110lb Premium Velvet Cover – FSC Certified (environmentally-friendly)
PrintingHigh-Definition 10-Bit Digital Printing on state-of-the-art