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New Volcanic Eruption in Meradalir

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3rd August 2022

After about of fortnight of increased seismic activity, including a whopping 5.4 quake a few days ago, a new volcanic eruption has started in Meradalir. This location is very close to the site of last years eruption.

So far the only certain sign of activity is the presence of gases emerging from the new volcanic vent.

The new eruption site is close to Stora Hrut ‘The Large Ram’.

Icelandic volcano

Reykjanes Earthquake Swarm

Here are some screenshots of the seismic activity recorded around the site of Iceland’s new volcanic eruption.

Snap-shot of Seismic Activity on the Reykjanes Peninsular just days before the eruption.

Tours Around Iceland

Grindavík Threatened

Fears for the town of Grindavík were considerable during the eruption last year. The new Volcano is in the same area so the same concerns over the survival of the small fishing town could be reborn. Last year’s volcano in Geldingardalur was once forecast to last many years, so many were surprised to see the volcano close it’s crater six months later. Maybe the volcano was just having a rest and the same volcano is re-awakening on the Reykjanes Peninsular.

The whole of Iceland when the swarms of earthquakes started.

Volcano Tours

These tours will get you close to the new volcano (when it is active).

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