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Westfjords of Iceland

Custom Tour

Many Iceland day tours are fast paced and action packed.  They can be full of amazing photo locations, but the crowds are not for everyone.  If you prefer to practice your Nature Photography with that feeling of being alone with the Nature, then a custom Iceland tour is probably more suitable.

Here are just a few ideas for creating your own custom Icelandic tour with the option of booking a Super Jeep for the day. A full day custom tour offering all the benefits of a day tours, but without the crowds. The tourist free zones offer excellent situations for people wanting to practice landscape photography.   A day out in these areas can satisfy any photographer.

Iceland detour

Iceland’s increasing popularity creates a dilemma for travel photographers. You want to see Iceland and experience the wilderness, but you don’t want a bus full of people walking into your shot.

This detour is designed for people who want a bit of peace and quiet to practice their Landscape and Nature Photography. Explore the back roads to nice, relatively unexplored Iceland. The main tourist routes are well established. A custom Iceland day tour can avoid these routes giving you an experience of quieter roads and locations.

This could be an ideal introduction to photographing Iceland. Great photographs don’t necessarily need huge waterfalls and incredible mountains.

Waterfall Tour

The ear-splitting roar of glacial melt-water as it plunges down a sheer 40 meter cliff will stir your creativity. Fantastic rainbows remain constant in the spray which only yields to the occasional gusts of wind. The relentless pounding sounds every frequency of the human ear. Your camera is ready to record the rest…

Consider a waterfall tour in the south west of Iceland where you could explore a bunch of Iceland’s best waterfalls.  Get out of Reykjavik into the Icelandic countryside where some of the most interesting waterfalls are relatively close. A custom day tour could include; Glymur Öxararfoss, Brúarfoss, Gullfoss or Haifoss and Hjalpafoss towards Iceland’s interior or Urriðarfoss, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss on the south coast. Whichever route, this tour will include a lot more than just the waterfalls.

Check out the Photo Guide to hidden Icelandic Waterfalls.

Private 4×4 Tour

This is a private day tour in a Super jeep. You can design your own route or their experienced driver will design one for you based on your photographic interests. The Super Jeep will let you get off the beaten track, making this a ‘Go Anywhere’ tour.

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  • 10 hour trip
  • Private guide
  • Hotel pick-up

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancel 24 hours before to get a full refund.
Icelandic fishing hut.

Other Custom Tours

Private Super Jeep

You might be interested in a private super jeep tour to get you to places that regular tours can’t get to.

By Tony Prower

Tony Prower spent over 15 years photographing the landscapes of Iceland. Tony Prower is a pioneer of the Magic Cloth Technique and ran thousands of photo tours in Iceland over 10 years.