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Hraunfossar Waterfall – West Iceland

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Lava Field Waterfall

Hraunfoss is a beautiful array of many waterfalls in West Iceland. Hraunfoss directly translated, means “lava falls”, and as the name suggests, Hraunfoss describes a waterfall that emerges from lava tubes under the Hallmundarhraun lava field.  It is very close to Barnafoss, a waterfall that comes from a normal river.

There are good facilities at Hraunfossar Waterfall.  There is a proper car park and a little snack store with toilet facilities.  All around the waterfall are structured walkways with view points and railings.  This is all to protect the delicate nature of the waterfall and for safety.


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How to get there

About 1 hour from Reykjavik, leave the ring road just before Borganess and drive through some beautiful rolling valleys through the town of Reykholt and other areas of geothermal beauty. There are no sign posts for Hraunfossar until you are there, and the only clue that you are travelling in the right direction is the tour buses coming away from the location… Hraunfossar Waterfall, Iceland. The total travel time from Reykjavik is around 2 hours.
Hraunfossar Waterfall

Barnafoss Waterfall

Barnafoss is a nearby waterfall, which translates as “Child’s waterfall”. Barnafoss used to have a natural arch. The arch was destroyed by the mother of two children who fell from the arch to their deaths. This was how Barnafoss (Children’s Falls) got its name.

Barnafoss Waterfall
Barnafoss Waterfall at Hraunfossar.

Photo tips

Take a tripod and a dark filter to slow the shutter for the silky effect. Long shutter speeds work well for these falls. As well as long-exposure photography, take a selection of focal lengths to frame the falls well. The whole array of water falls is quite long. Capturing these requires a wide angle, but for better details, take some long lenses to frame segments tightly.

Hraunfossar, Iceland
Hraunfossar Waterfall study.

Eat green

Why not stop at the geothermal restaurant at Hverinn á Kleppjárnsreykjum. A geothermal area with a lot of fresh produce coming from the geothermal greenhouses.

Tours to Hraunfossar

These day tours include Hraunfossar

Multi-day tours of Snæfellsness and West Iceland. may include the waterfall and t might be subject to season.

Hraunfoss in the Winter

Hraunfoss waterfall is normally accessible in the Winter.  The road leading right to Hraunfossar waterfall is a proper tarmac road.  It is maintained well because it gives access to Husafell where glacier tours on Langijokull depart.  Winter has its own charm.  The delicate cascades with a snowy background can be attractive.  These photos were taken on a Late-March tour around Iceland.

Hraunfossar in Winter
A delicate cascade from under the sow-capped lava field.
Hraunfoss waterfall in Winter

Summer at Hraunfossar

With it’s proximity to the Snaefellsness Peninsular and Reykjavik, Hraunfossar is a good consideration for the long days of the Icelandic Summer.  With sunsets late in the evening, the lava field and series of waterfalls at Hraunfossar can work well with a colourful sky.

Hraunfossar Summer Evening
Vertical photo of Hraunfossar on a summer evening.
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