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Hvítserkur Drinking Dragon – North Iceland

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Hvítserkur troll rock

Hvítserkur troll rock sits in Húnaflói Bay, which is part of the coastline of the Vatnsnes peninsular in North Iceland. Hvítserkur has the appearance of a drinking dragon. It is an ancient volcano plug. It is possible to walk out to the troll rock at low tide.

The translation of Hvítserkur is “White Shirt”. All the seabird shit, which covers most of the rock, gives it its name. The masses of white shit give it its black-and-white appearance

Concrete has been used at base of Hvítserkur to protect it from erosion.

Hvítserkur troll rock Iceland

How to Find Hivtserkur

The area is accessible by a 30-kilometer-long dirt route that departs from the #1 ring road. The road is accessible to a typical car. This is uncomfortable and could be difficult in the winter. You descend to a parking lot via a signpost. You still can’t see the rock. There are two ways to reach the rock. You may see the rock from a height from a viewing platform reached by the main trail, which leads there. You descend to the beach along the rocky trail. The best photos are taken from this location, although it is difficult to ascend.

Landscape photographers love Hvítserkur.  There are interesting geological features around the Vatnsnes coast. On the sand flats, it is sometimes possible to see wild seals, so it could be useful to have a telephoto lens. There is a very beautiful waterfall about 30 miles from Hvítserkur as well as a lot of horse farms.

North Iceland Tours and some of the Around Iceland tours may include Hvítserkur.


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Where to Stay

Horse farms in the area offer comfortable accommodations. You should be able to find one of these within 30 miles of Hvitserkur.
Hvitserkur Drinking Dragon
A summer evening can have sunset drama in the northern sky.
North Iceland Beach
Textures in the sand at Hvitserkur.
Hvitserkur drinking dragon
Vertical photo of Hvitserkur with golden light.
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