July 2016 4 days Landmannalaugar – Jökulsarlon

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This was a 4 day custom photo tour in the South of Iceland.

Day One

My guest, Phil, had planned this trip long in advance. It was the prelude to a week in Greenland on a photo cruise. In order to have comfortable accommodation, we agreed on a late schedule where we would be shooting up to midnight (with good light).

Late Lupine

This tour always planned to start with a drive to East Iceland through Landmannalaugar. This was a bit of a gamble because we were guaranteed rain. The big question was about the height of the clouds and whether we were going to be able to see the mountains. As we drew closer to Landmannalaugar we weren’t disappointed. We spent a bit of time in the Lava Field playing with compositions.

The accommodation was arranged to be conveniently placed when we exited the park in the East. That was such a good plan because the road was so badly broken from the tourist traffic. As it grew darker, the drive became worse. We arrived at our first Hotel just after Midnight… a little tired.


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Day two

Foss a sidu - Icelandic waterfall

We stopped at the Stjórnarfoss waterfall just 2 minutes after checking out of the hotel. Then a quick visit to the river gorge (in the rain) before heading further East. We stopped at the picturesque Foss á Síðu where I pushed the limits of my 50mm in the Arctic Conditions.

Tern on blue ice

As we continued East, we came across a misty Jökulsarlon. These conditions are ideal for isolating icebergs, but you have to watch your shutter speed or the Arctic Terns with blur in your shot. If you are lucky, you will freeze one in the right place.

I enjoy shooting tourists. This time they were bombed by a Norwegian Sea Chicken.

Misty Jökulsarlon
Arthurs rock

After our evening meal, the clouds had lifted, but were still at 100% coverage. I drove up a local mountain track where we had great views over the local areas. This big boulder has been split by ice. Or maybe it was when King Arthur withdrew Excalibur.

game of thrones window

I have been wanting this scene with the Summer moss for some time. This is a Game of thrones location in East Iceland.

Day three

Fjallsarlon photo

The morning of the third day we explored the less visited lagoon at Fjallsarlon. I walked around with my 50mm prime and found some nice ice shapes to balance with the glacier background.

iphone photography

iPhone moment!! Phil shoots one of the glaciers with his iphone.

Ice Droplet

The 3rd day we were happy to find lots of ice on the beach. We were unhappy to find lots of tourists on the beach. Large numbers of tourists disturb the sand and put sandy boots onto the ice, but there are always good shots to be found.

blue bell

On the afternoon of the 3rd day we headed East for the main part of the evening. We stopped for some East Iceland Landscape photography, but instead became engrossed getting as close as possible to these wild flowers in the rain.

Brunnahorn lead

We headed for Iceland’s East Coast when we spotted some interesting clouds over Brunnahorn. This could be a sign that the rain was lifting. We spent a bit of time working the foregrounds.

static website package

Day four

On the return leg along the South Coast, we stopped for some peaceful landscaping in this Lava field before Kirkjubærklaustur. I was struggling to compose in this crazy landscape. As soon as I got a good one, I was photo-bombed by my guest.

lava field photo bomb

I had better luck when we got to Vik. The rain forced me to think outside the box and look for shapes.

This was a rain photo tour! It rained probably 60% of the time. This was mostly drizzle or misty with little or no wind. We didn’t really get too wet and it was a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures from Phil.


Ice beach
Ice beach
Fjallsarlón glacier lagoon
Fjallsarlón glacier lagoon

Foss á Sidu
Foss á Sidu



Thanks for coming Phil!

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